Department of Computer Engineering
CENG 236 Numerical Computations



Instructor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Saran

Office:  L-219


Catalog Description:  The characteristics of floating point arithmetic, analysis of error, the use of computers as numerical computing devices, programming in MATLAB, approximation of roots of equations., direct and iterative methods for linear equations, nonlinear equations, interpolation and function approximation, numerical differentiation and integration.


Numerical Analysis, R. L. Burden - J.D. Faires, Brooks/Cole

 Reference Book:

Applied Numerical Analysis, G. Wheatley, Pearson

Howard, James P., II. Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis with R. Chapman & Hall, 20170714. VitalBook file.

Evaluation Criteria:  Labworks (%25),  Midterm (%35), 1 Final (%40)